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Let the Free 185 Cows of Deszczno Live and Be Adopted


Dear Decision Makers,

We ask you to revoke the decision of the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate regarding the herd of 185 Cows living Freely for the past 10 years in Deszczno district.

We believe these Animals have the right to live, also in conformity with the Polish law. Therefore, we urge you to enter into a dialogue with the organizations involved and ready to immediately move all the Cows to a safe environment and guarantee them medical examination, lifetime care and obligation that the animals will never be used for consumption.

More Information:
Media Coverage,157,m/polish-animal-rights-activists-try-to-save-170-cows-from-being-killed,935349.html

Photos and Videos of Free Cows 
and Kind People who defend them

Donations for all things related to Free Cows 
(temporary shelter from the sun, food, health check, transport) 
If there will be any money left, they will go for the next rescue mission. 
If you would like to donate even a $ – Cows or other rescued animals will for sure appreciate your kind gesture. 
Collection is in PLN Polish Zloty (ZŁ).