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It’s all about good deeds, it’s all about caring and sharing!

GCE’s vision is that by making small and big good deeds for the environment and society and by sharing them, we can make this planet a better place to live in, together. Every small good action counts, sharing it will multiply the effect and jointly we can change attitudes and will the battle of ignorance and wasting our natural resources!

Green Company Effect, GCE, connects individuals and companies, schools, cities and any kinds of organizations in one platform to make environmental and social sustainability efforts, deeds, visible and transparent. We want to raise awareness and to activate both companies and public to think and act in a more sustainable way.

GCE is for all persons and for all types of companies and organizations – not only for hippies, cleantech or social enterprises, but everyone and every organization having sustainability as a value can show their green company effect. Individuals sign in to make their green personal effect by sharing their good deeds and challenging friends and companies, liking and commenting. There are so many great technological developments and so many great efforts being done every day – these need to spread loudly and fast so that we can copy and use the best (= least polluting, least energy consuming, least wasteful) practises all over the world!

Seeing the good deeds of companies, helps us all in making sustainable choices.

Companies get value for their sustainable actions when they are easily visible to customers and business partners. Companies can find business partners with same values and hopefully get inspiration to reach even more ambitious goals in doing sustainable business. In GCE, sustainability covers environmental and social aspects. UNs 17 Sustainable Development Goals are the foundation for the actions in GCE. The sustainability promise of GCE is “we aim at spreading sustainable practices, building networks, activating everyone to do even more and at changing attitudes”. This targets goal number 17 “Partnerships for the goals

GCE is proudly from Finland. Our platform got started as a closed platform for a group of 15 European SMEs – who were concerned about the environment but also about their business. Companies from all over the world wanted to join us and we then decided to offer the platform to everyone!

JOIN CGE AT It’s free and easy to use! You make a profile and then you start to make deeds. Warning: it is addictive 😊 – but this addiction is good for us, for everyone around us and the nature.

Keijo Särkijärvi, Sanna Rousu – founders of GCE

Our dream is that by sharing positive actions, deeds, we can make this world a slightly better place to live in. In Finland we have a lot of clean air and water, responsible business culture and great education – we think it’s the perfect place to start the GCE mission. Our team has experience from big global enterprises and small entrepreneurship in various industries and in several countries. We have expertise in communication and brand building, understanding of businesses and science behind sustainability. Feel free to contact us any time