The ultimate guide for easy eco lifestyle



by Ethy

Festiwal Wibracje


1.  Instead of printing your ticket, keep a digital copy of it for verification.

2.  Bring reusable dishes: a bottle for water and other drinks, a mug, a bowl and cutlery. If you don’t have them, you can buy a very high quality ones at Ethy’s sales stand by the food area. There you will find thermoses, bottles and cups that hold high and low temperatures, lunchboxes, platinum silicone food storage packages and sets of reusable cutlery and straws.

3.  If possible, bring old, non-wearable knitwear (such as t-shirts, leggings or dresses) to the “Remake IT” upcycling workshops by Ethy. Even if you don’t take part in the workshops, such materials will be useful for others who will give them a new life.

4.  To get to the festival, use public transport, come by bike or go with other festival goers. If you are coming from far away, plant a few trees or allocate some funding to a tree-planting organisation to neutralize your carbon footprint.

5.  Use only natural cosmetics – bring them with you or get some at the festival. Never use cosmetics in the lake – even natural ones can have a destructive effect on the aquatic ecosystem (especially substances with high concentration, such as essential oils).

6.  Never take care of physiological needs in a lake – such substances also negatively affect the aquatic ecosystem.

7.  Take short showers, preferably cold (it is both healthy, because it strengthens immunity, and ecological – heating water consumes a lot of energy, which emits subsequent portions of CO2).

8.  Waste is a valuable resource, so put it in the designated colored bins. Make sure the waste goes to the correct bin. If you see waste on the ground, be kind to throw it in segregation too.

9.  You probably don’t smoke cigarettes, but if you do, then you generate waste in the form of filter waste. Use the pocket twisted ashtray. Then throw these filters into mixed waste for regular filters or paper bin for hand-rolled paper filters.

10.  Think a few times before buying something. Thanks to this approach, you will buy only what you really need (which does not exclude a purchase just for pleasure – this aspect of life is also very important). If you do buy something, make sure that it’s of the highest quality, i.e. made of durable, preferably natural materials, whose origin is known (you can ask about it), and the production process is ethical.

11.  Try to pay in cash or with contactless payments – when you pay by card, you get two to three times more poisonous receipts – pieces of synthetic material with some toxic BPA ink, which not only pollute the planet (they cannot be recycled), but they also disrupt the human endocrine system and cause many diseases.

12. Charge electronic equipment at the Dobry Prąd (Good Energy) photovoltaic station.

13.  Mental and physical health builds immunity, and high immunity reduces consumption, increases well-being and raises energy, needed to make the world better. So, maintain adequate body hydration, get enough sleep, move a lot, e.g. by dancing or exercising in the movement area, relax, do not judge others, think and affirm positively and smile!

14. Remember to respect the space you are in by treating plants and animals gently, without making noise in non-festival spaces.

15.  Be kind and helpful to others, willingly complimenting their eco-habits, helping to segregate waste, etc.

16.  Make sure you don’t leave any of your belongings at the campsite after the festival.

text: Julia Mafalda

Go to the Wibracje Festival to learn more!