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Tutorial (Ethy Maps)

Adding Places Tutorial

How to add places to Ethy Maps?


Create your profile on Ethy Maps by clicking the SIGN UP button in the right up corner. Remember to activate your account by clicking the ACTIVATE button in the email you’ll get after signing up. 


Click one of these icons on Ethy Maps:

  • YOUR AVATAR (upper right corner)
  • MORE MENU (bottom of the page)
  • BURGER MENU (upper left corner of the page)



Start typing the name of the place you wish to add. Google API system should start suggesting places to choose from. If you see the place you wish to add, simply click on it from the list. The form will automatically fill in all the information that is registered on Google Maps like:

  • name
  • address and coordinates
  • website
  • phone number
  • opening hours

The information that still needs to be added is:

  • categories, subcategories and filters (check all the CRITERIA and see what fits)
  • email (you can usually find it on a place’s website or Facebook page)

And optionally:

  • description (if you have rights to use it)
  • logo (if you have rights to use it)
  • photos (if you have rights to use it)
  • Instagram link
  • Facebook link


Click NEXT with each properly filled information. At the end, you’ll see the summary of the place profile you just added.

Click SUBMIT. 

Now you should receive an email saying thank you for your time and effort- our team is verifying the information you submitted! When we approve or decline your submission, you’ll get an email notification. 


Once your place is approved and visible on Ethy Maps, you can find it in your profile (AVATAR icon) under ADDED PLACES. 

Thank you for making the world greener with Ethy!