The ultimate guide for easy eco lifestyle



Ethy votes for sustainable living in harmony with nature

Nature gave us senses to make common sense.

The idea of Ethy came from the difficulty of finding all the eco-friendly and ethical services and products in one place.

Eco-friendly means the production is sustainable, organic and generates way less waste.

Ethical means the production process is safe and respectful to everyone involved.

Demand drives supply and we believe it’s the key factor to make the world a better place. Only together, by voting with our wallets, we can build a brighter future for the next generations of all the species on Earth.

Today Ethy is an award winning international eco project connecting people worldwide to help them make changes locally.

Ethy acts as a lighthouse navigating people towards genuine sustainable and ethical commerce. Ethy offers customers and businesses easy tools to encourage more popular choices to live harmoniously with our home, living Earth.

Together with Ethy – we locate, motivate and educate

Ethy Maps is an award winning first global ecomap, acting as a compass which navigates users to genuine sustainable and ethical commerce.

Ethy Maps offers customers and businesses tools to encourage real choice to live harmoniously with our home, living Earth.

Ethy Mapslocates swap points, repair points and sustainable commerce and services. Each of these places is a better consumer’s choice to protect the environment and will increase the quality of life for everyone on Earth.

Discover eco places, add eco places, and share Ethy Maps to become a part of a massive movement for the future of the planet and humanity

Ethy Life

Through blogzine and workshops, Ethy works with specialists in food, retail, home living and energy to share their know-how to  regularly inspire our readers  to make it easy to live sustainably with simple tips and hacks.   Additional user-created content shares information about meaningful experiences and sustainable practices.

Everyday we think of the easiest answers to these questions:

Less waste

How to reduce waste – especially the plastic one?

Ethical fashion

How to naturally and ecologically take care of your clothes? 
How to ethically refresh your wardrobe?

Ecological house & office

How to take care of your space, while taking care of the environment? 

Ecological food

How to nurture your organism in a healthy way: organically, locally, seasonally? 
How to minimize wasting food and what to do to buy less and more responsibly?

Natural health

How to naturally and ecologically take care of your body and mind?
How to safely and effectively use plants for daily treatment and self-care?

Handmade upcycling

How to DIY an everyday use object from a T-shirt?
How to dye a T-shirt with nutshells and other natural resources?

Green cities

How to keep the city green, so we don’t disappear in a grey cement jungle and to improve air quality with an increase in  oxygen and help reduce the never-ending smog?
What can each of us do in our local neighbourhood to improve our quality of life?

Our precious Planet Earth

What treasures are hidden on Earth – our mutual home – and how can we protect them?

So, for starters, have a look at the DECALOGUE OF ETHY: 10 ECO COMMANDMENTS. These are simple tips on what you can start doing today so everyone across the globe can live a better life, including you. Maybe this list will change soon due to the fluid situation worldwide highlighting other important challenges to take care of?

Don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions!

And remember that each one of us creates the future. Everyday. Every second.