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As a kid I begged my parents to take a piece of paper and pencil with them on each long car drive. I was so eager to create, finding peace in many hours of artistic expression. I looked up to my dad who was an unfulfilled artist and his talent inspired me. I made a decision: I wanted to achieve his long lost dream. I would become a painter.

In my art I often honour the moon, as its every phase guides me into a different dream each night. I recognize its power and influence on the female body, creating her cyclic nature. I represent each animal spirit guide that visits me in the darkness of the night. I wish to portray their ancient wisdom through my paintings and give a glimpse into the contact I am grateful to have had with them in my dreams. I remind my community of the voices of the ancestors, contained in their legends and songs. I combine the ordinary with the mystical creating a transcendental experience for anyone who wishes to purchase my artwork.

I hope these paintings help guide the receivers and that through each purchase they come closer to their Truth. What in turn, will help take more conscious and courageous steps on the path to Self-Realization.

WATER: Emotions, Spirituality, Fluidity, Cleansing, Healing.
“Water” from the series “Dance of the Elements” is a depiction of a mythological woman named Tara, the embodiment of femininity, originally from Polynesia, accompanied and led by a pre-sea turtle. The element of water has been associated with the spiritual and emotional aspect of man since pre-times. It brings healing, cleansing, clarity and deep understanding. By connecting with it, we are connecting to our original state, when in the waters of the Mother we found solace. While following it’s course, we commit ourselves to the wave of life, in deep trust. Living water can only exist through continual movement. We learn to be fluid, flexible, patiently carving into the rock, never giving up. The turtle also teaches us the power of determination and patience, as it, step by step, gets closer and closer to its goal. At the same time enjoying the road, because home is where your heart (shell) is. It also reminds us to authentically connect with your emotions, diving into the depths of your inner dimensions with courage. 

“Dance of the Elements” is my first series of paintings, painted with watercolors, inspired by the elements of water, earth, air and fire. It is an integration of the representation of the faces of indigenous women from different corners of the globe with their animal – guides. Each of the women catches eye contact with the viewer to try to convey a non-verbal message that comes straight from their heart. The paintings were made with respect for the ancient knowledge of the indigenous people of Mother Earth, with which we unfortunately have less and less to do on this planet. Every indegeneous person knew how to live in the circle of life, respecting every being, from stone to man. He had a deep sense of the sanctity of this reality and he celebrated it with his very existence. I would like to recall those qualities that we can integrate into the present reality, so far removed from our forefathers.