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A weekly podcast about food, health, green living, wellness, organic agriculture, mindfulness, and sustainability.

We Are Here.

We are here for you. We are here for our planet. We are here for our health. We are here for us.

Let’s Talk.

Let’s talk food and nutrition. Let’s talk health and wellness. Let’s talk organic gardening. Let’s talk parenting and healthy kids, natural pets, green homes, eco-travel, environmental news, advocacy, inspiration, and personal growth. Let’s talk and get the conversation started.

Let’s Celebrate.

Let’s celebrate leaders. Let’s celebrate entrepreneurs. Let’s celebrate parents. Let’s celebrate teachers. Let’s celebrate visionaries and everyone in the organic food and holistic health movement who is willing to share their insight and stories. Let’s celebrate you.

Let’s Come Together.

Let’s come together as a community. Let’s come together as human kind. Let’s come together as people who care about important topics such as eating local and seasonal produce, keeping our children healthy, food justice, climate change, solutions for food waste and fostering eco-literacy amongst the general public. Let’s come together for health.