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Painter, sculptor, designer.

Ola is a young, active and creative person. Her life is not the easiest one, as she has to work hard every day to filter the enormity of ideas that pops up in her head. In the end, however, she selects the best and implements them on canvas, paper, fabrics – everything that she can use to implement her projects. In addition to designing, she sews, carves, creates artistic lamps and furniture. Her main style, however, is batik painting (painting with beeswax on fabrics). She is interested in ecological design, art and fashion. She is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, a graduate of numerous courses, and her life and work have been greatly influenced by the beautiful, native Krosno town with its wonderful landscape of Podkarpacie.

Batik is a painting technique consisting in the successive application of wax and bathing the fabric in a dye that only colors the areas that are not masked with a layer of wax. The waxing and dyeing process can be repeated many times to obtain special effects. The work takes a relatively long time (several months), but the effects are very pleasing to the eye. Batik is a technique performed by generations, most popular in Indonesia and other Asian countries. It was discovered in Poland at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.