The ultimate guide for easy eco lifestyle


Ethics is respecting all beings through use of our senses and drive to understand more.

Ethy is a global community for ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Ethy acts as a lighthouse to navigate positive influence through sustainable and ethical commerce. 

Ethy helps customers find products and services they love and support the businesses that provide them.

Together, by voting with our wallets, we build a better world for the future generations.

Why we do it

Julia: For years I’ve been seeking simple and pleasant everyday life solutions to support the environment and the quality of life for everyone on Earth. I could not find a one-stop platform to gather all the eco-friendly and ethical places along with  ideas and new solutions. That’s why I founded Ethy – the first ecomap of the world with filters allowing people to sort different layers of sustainability, while providing a holistic space for eco- and natural health-oriented education. My mission is to help people understand that each choice does have an impact and there’s an easy way to make sustainability easy and profitable!

How we do it

Educate: Awareness and understanding is the core behind new lifestyles. Learning can happen when exploring the categories in Ethy Maps, exploring our stories and attending workshops and events at Ethy Life.

Locate: Now we know what we should do and where to go, but how to get there easily? Ethy is a marketplace, both on the street and online. We have categories and filters to help you find what matters most to you.    

Motivate: Under development is our loyalty rewards. As an eco-consumer do you want to do more good and be part of the Ethy community? As our member enjoy discounts, and special access to Ethy events and webinars. As well we are developing Ethy Seeds: collect, watch your curve go up, earn badges and special rewards!

What we achieve

We create a single and trusted source of eco and ethical businesses.

We attract leading experts to educate and update the best practices for sustainability and wellness.

Our community grows and new habits are established as it becomes easier to live the lifestyle we all know is possible.   

Our Customers about Ethy:

When I first learned about Ethy, I was so excited, not only did I find new places near where I live, but I started a whole new way of living.”

“We love being a part of the Ethy community, so what if there is more competition, the more of us the better!”

“The thing I like about Ethy Maps is that it has everything related to the environment in one place. The map is very user friendly, and you get to see all possible options for places or shops, book swapping, clothes donation, zero waste groceries etc with links to the places website as well to learn more about it.”